Michael kors hodlings LTD. (Michael Kors Sale) released in the first quarter earnings, although the results are still more than expected, but Michael kors suffered two consecutive times earnings, dish up before, after plummeting diving. On Wall Street about Michael kors gross profit margin is very dissatisfied, at the same time, an analyst at the Michael kors ubiquitous feeling of "being" expressed concern that Michael kors after asos is considered to be a fashion retailers about to pop.
On August 4, dish before Michael Kors Black Friday Sale jumped 12%, immediately after the opening, the diving, and as of press time tumbled more than 7% at $75.82, or 7.34%.
As of June 28, 2014 in the first quarter of fiscal 2015, Michael kors earnings per share were $0.91, beat analysts' expectations of $0.91, $0.61 up 49.2% year on year. Net profit gains of $187.7 million, that $125 million year on year growth of 50.2%.
Benefit from the same-store Michael Kors Black Friday Sale growth of 24.2%, Michael Kors Black Friday Sale retail revenue grew 47.5% to $480.2 million in the first quarter, 115 new retail stores a year; Wholesale revenues in the first quarter rose 40.0% to $406.8 million, $290.6 million a year earlier, the agent revenue grew 30.5% to $32.117 million, $24.611 million a year earlier. Michael kors revenues posted a 43.4% increase in the first quarter, from a year earlier to $640.9 million to $919.2 million.
Michael Kors Sale in the first quarter gross margin recorded a 62.2% year-on-year increase 20 basis points, but Michael kors said in the second quarter of decline in gross margin is expected to have a 50 basis points month-on-month, operating profit margin is expected to have 200 basis points fell sharply, mainly due to European stores operating costs. Michael kors operating margins recorded a 30.11% in the first quarter, fell 30.82% year on year 70 basis points. Michael kors in the first quarter gross margin recorded $571.6 million, $397.3 million, 43.9% year-on-year, operating profit recorded a $276.8 million, $197.6 million with 40.1% growth year on year.
Seeking alpha independent traders and analysts josh Arnold wrote today, due to rapid expansion, Michael kors now appears very "being", Michael kors Europe from quarter income 127.7% rise can also see that it has escaped from the expansion of luxury Michael Kors Sale goods, to maintain high growth and sacrifice brand value greatly, Michael kors Europe revenues of $185.5 million in the first quarter, while in the same period of last year was only about $81.479 million, the company chief executive John idol said European market in the long run are expected to reach $1.5 billion in Michael Kors Black Friday Sale. Appear at the same time, the north American market growth recession, Michael kors North America in the second quarter of same-store growth was only 18.7%, once again fell below 20%, the north American market in the first quarter revenues recorded $718.9 million, $551.6 million year-on-year growth 30.3%; Other market revenue growth close to 100%, from $7.826 million to $14.768 million a year earlier.